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  • 09 Oct, 2018

    Call out

    Short-handed female crew to line up for Melbourne to Hobart Race.

  • 05 Oct, 2018

    Pride at stake

    In an interview online, Sir Russell Coutts expounds on the launch of the new sailing circuit,...

  • 03 Oct, 2018

    Battle the elements

    Golden Globe Race sailor and Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy's fight for survival.

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  • 02 Oct, 2018

    Back on dry land

    Gregor McGuckin arrives in Perth.

  • 02 Oct, 2018

    True calling

    Marcus Blackmore is an unrepentant sailing and boating fanatic. With various nautical-related...

  • 23 Sep, 2018

    Sea rescue

    A multinational search operation is now under way to rescue injured Indian solo sailor Abhilash Tomy...

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  • 26 Aug, 2018

    Super circuit

    New TP52 Australian circuit planned for later this year.

  • 21 Aug, 2018

    Going solo

    Lisa Blair's next record attempt.

  • 24 Jul, 2018

    Multi win

    Multihull superstar Glenn Ashby wins 2018 A-Class Europeans.

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