Master and commander

This sailing app helps you make your way through your local waterways.

SlbTracker is an app for iPhone and iPad. It is aimed primarily at leisure sailors wanting a simple and systematic way to track their cruising from harbour to harbour, doing observations on wind, sea and weather conditions. It also provides analysis of speed, engine and sails set hours before, during and after cruising.

The app can be used standalone. But connecting to the free Slb website gives in addition:
– backup and restore of app data
– access to automatic harbor retrieval
– option to add images and crew
– option to share cruisemaps
– more lists and maps

Please note: though the app is for both iPhone and iPad devices,
tracking is only feasible on devices with built in GPS hardware.
That means that iPads without GPS (without cellular option)
can’t do any tracking, though they may still download tracks
from the Slb website and display these on map and in lists.


RRP AU$14.99

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