Nail biter

The culmination of the 2018 Farr 40 World Championship served up nail-biting competition, coming down to the final race of the event.

Wolfgang Schaefer’s Struntje light edged out Alex Roeper’s Plenty who finished a critical two boats behind nullifying their two-point lead. One of the two boats was the Corinthian Champion, Leif Sigmond and Marcus Thymian’s Norboy, capping-off a dominant performance over the Corinthian fleet.

The final day of racing at the 2018 Farr 40 World Championship saw the least amount of breeze and flattest water with unseasonably warm temperatures for fall in Chicago. With southerly winds dipping below 10 knots, teams who excelled in the lighter conditions established themselves early.

Struntje light and Plenty entered the day tied at 27 points. The German boat established themselves early, seemingly putting the Championship title in the bag after Race One as they moved up the standings three points ahead of Plenty. However, all plans were cut short when they finished a brutal ninth place in the second race, preventing early celebrations and handing the lead to Plenty.

“We had a little bit too much bad luck in the second race,” lamented Schaefer. “We said, ‘Okay, there’s one man in the sky that can pull us through it.’ And then, he did!”


The event was then decided on the final leg of the last race as Struntje light sailed to their first race win of the event. As the German team watched the course behind them from the finish, both John Gottwald’s Eagles Wings and Norboy crossed the line in front of Plenty, narrowly edging out Roeper’s team by less than a boat length.

Australian boats Zen, skippered by Gordon Ketelby, and Edake, skippered by Jeff Carter, finished 6th and 7th respectively.

Overall Results:

1. Struntje light, Wolfgang Schaefer – 39pts
2. Plenty, Alex Roepers – 40pts
3. Flash Gordon 6, Helmut & Evan Jahn, 53pts
4. Enfant Terrible, Alberto Rossi – 53pts
5. Norboy, Leif Sigmond & Marcus Thymian – 60.4pts
6. ZEN, Gordon Ketelbey – 75pts
7. Edake, Jeff Carter – 79pts
8. Hot Lips, Christopher Whitford – 87pts
9. Eagles Wings, John Gottwald – 90pts
10. Asterisk, Hasip Gencer – 105pts
11. Inferno, Phillip Dowd – 106pts
12. Blade 2, Mick Shlens – 107pts
13. Taipan, Lloyd Karzen – 127pts
14. Hooligan, Joel Carroll – 135pts