Things don’t seam

North Sails has shaken up the cruising sail market with their new 3Di NORDAC technology.

American company North Sails’ new product uses polyester fibre to create seamless, one-piece sails that have been described as strong, beautiful and long-lasting, winning the prize for best new product at Newport International Boat Show. The award panel described 3Di NORDAC as a game-changer for cruising sailors.

“We think this is going to give any cruising or recreational sailboat owner a much better sailing experience, regardless of how they are using the boat,” said Sally Helme, Group Publisher for Cruising World and Sailing World, who presented the award on behalf of the panel. “This new technology gives cruisers a higher performance sail with a better shape and greater shape longevity.” The newcomer on the market has been touted as stronger and lighter than the woven sails that have been the standard for over 60 years.

“It’s an honour to receive this recognition for a product that our development team worked very hard to create. 3Di NORDAC represents a new breed of Dacron cruising sails that provide a better sailing experience,” said North Sails CEO, Dan Neri.


“The sails are more responsive and hold their shape better than traditional panel sails, which allows more control of your sail power and increases your ability to balance the boat,” said Bill Fortenberry, North Sails cruising segment manager.

Designed for the small- to medium-sized cruising boat, 3Di NORDAC addresses an inherent problem of woven polyester sailcloth – it fails to provide true value to cruising sailors because the sails lose their shape long before structural integrity is compromised. By marrying 3Di shape-holding technology with the toughness and affordability of traditional white polyester, 3Di NORDAC offers cruising sailors a great sail at an achievable price.

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