Award-winning collaboration

Azimut Benetti and Rolls-Royce have won this year's METS Boat Builder Awards for innovation.

Photography by METSTRADE/Quin Bisset

01 February 2017


Azimut Benetti and Rolls-Royce’s propeller system won the 2016 METS Boat Builder Awards for innovation.

At the Boat Builders Award 2016 Gala dinner 16 November, the Azimut Benetti Group won the Boat Builder and Manufacturer Collaborative Solution Award, organised by International Boat Industry (IBI) Magazine in partnership with METSTRADE, to celebrate innovation in the marine industry.

The jury rewarded the innovative carbon fibre propellers system, Azipull Carbon 65 (AZP C65), developed by the Group in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. Thanks to the extensive use, for the first time, of composite materials, the new propellers are extremely light, with low noise and vibration levels, and offers high efficiency while reducing the yacht’s environmental impact.

The new Azipull Carbon 65 (AZP C65) uses carbon fibre material for load carrying parts, resulting in a substantial reduction of the propulsion system’s weight. The new thrusters also facilitate a better vessel lay out while maintaining high propulsion efficiency, excellent maneuvering capabilities and easy maintenance.


Gary Nutter, Rolls-Royce, EVP Propulsion and Engines, said:

This new development has greatly benefitted from the very good cooperation we have had with Azimut Benetti. Their skills as a yacht builder and their engagement with us in creating the perfect vessel is an inspiration.”

The system was designed initially for fast yachts, with further applications in passenger vessels and workboats. The first thruster in the series, AZP C65, is designed for a power rating of 2 MW and fitted with a fixed pitch, pulling type propeller – meaning the propeller faces forward. The driveline is designed with two spiral bevel gear sets, installed in a supporting structure that ensures optimum load carrying capacity in all operating conditions. The thruster can be steered using a hydraulic system.

Benetti Vivace 125’ MY Ironman has been the first yacht to be equipped with the new systems, followed by five other units – all already sold – while other new superyachts are already under construction with the now award-winning system.

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