Sit down with those who have and will set the course.


  • 02 Apr, 2024

    Vale Plymo

    Remembering Andrew ‘Plymo’ Plympton.

  • 14 Nov, 2023

    Spirit of adventure

    Brit builder Oyster Yachts is famous for its go-anywhere, luxury bluewater cruisers. As it...

  • 06 Jul, 2023

    Back on track

    Xavier Doerr has recommenced The Little Aussie Lap, departing Fremantle Sailing Club, Thursday 29...

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  • 08 Jun, 2023

    Aussie Lap stalled

    Xavier Doerr has arrived in Fremantle to assess the damage to his yacht, GCCM and work out the next...

  • 06 Jun, 2023

    Tough times ahead

    Xavier Doerr is halfway through his epic challenge known as The Little Aussie Lap.

  • 21 May, 2023

    Aussie Lap update

    22-year-old Gold Coast sailor Xavier Doerr 11 days in and a quarter way through his campaign, but...

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  • 12 Feb, 2023

    Changing guard

    Ashley Highfield has been appointed as the new CEO of Oyster Yachts.

  • 24 Oct, 2022

    Mat bows out

    Mat Belcher OAM to retire from Olympic sailing.

  • 05 Sep, 2022

    Famous faces

    Frank Quealey delves into the 110-year history of the Press name in the 18-footers class, from the...

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