Class competition

The 50th anniversary of the RL24 national Australian championships, held at Southport Yacht Club in Hollywell, was a week of spectacular sailing and celebration for the entire sailing community.

Written by Ben Sonkkila

23 January 2023


Skippers and their crews from all over the country came together to contend for the coveted title of National Champion and honour the legacy of the RL24 class.

The racing was intense and exhilarating, with sailors pushing their vessels to the limit in pursuit of victory.

The sailors displayed their tactical brilliance and technical proficiency as they navigated the challenging conditions of the racecourse.

Despite the competitive nature of the event, the atmosphere remained congenial and sportsmanlike, with sailors encouraging and supporting each other.

The Southport Yacht Club did an outstanding job in organizing the event, ensuring that every aspect of the event was meticulously planned and executed, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.


The 50th anniversary of the RL24 class was a true celebration of the enduring legacy of the RL24 and the passion that sailors have for this iconic design.

Congratulations to all and the winners of the 2023 RL24 National Championships 50th Anniversary

National Championship

RL24 Drop Keel – OAHU-RUA/Simon Walsh
RL24 Swing Keel -WHATEVER | Mitch Dyer

Invitation Series Winner

RL24 Drop Keel – Lowana 5 | Simon Vaughan
RL25 Swing Keel – Costalot | Damien Van Deudekom

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