Crossover ClubSwan

Nautor Swan hosted the official launch of the ClubSwan 43, setting a new standard for sailing excellence.

13 June 2024


Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian to embody the spirit of precision naval architecture, the ClubSwan 43 represents a cutting-edge yacht that combines state-of-the-art technology with timeless craftsmanship, delivering a new sailing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The ClubSwan 43 has been conceived as the perfect crossover: a complete racer able of competing in the most captivating races worldwide and with the option of a ‘racing-cruising’ experience.

“The project with Nautor Swan begun with the aim of creating a yacht that performs not only in One Design but also within the ORC classes,” states Juan Kouyoumdjian.


“The task was not easy, but we have come up with a design that satisfies both of these racing worlds, thanks in part to the continuous discussions we had with sailors and end users, which have improved the entire project.”

The ClubSwan 43 seamlessly integrates advanced solutions with elegant design features to offer a vessel that excels in every aspect of sailing. From its sleek lines and aerodynamic profile to its innovative rigging and handling, every detail of the ClubSwan 43 has been meticulously crafted to optimise performance and inspire confidence in any sailing conditions.

The hull, hull structure and deck are constructed using vinylester infusion with carbon reinforcements. The hull structure is made in a single part through infusion to maintain better control of weight and ensure structural strength. Additionally, the yacht is complemented by a high modulus carbon fibre mast and boom. The bowsprit is made in prepreg carbon both for the racing version and the cruising one.

The ClubSwan 43, engineered for superior performance in competitive sailing. Our design features advanced technical elements to ensure optimal functionality and precision.

Deep Keel Recess: The ClubSwan 43 boasts a deep keel recess, strategically designed to enhance performance, especially in bowline sailing. This recess allows for better load absorption by distributing the loads across an upper area integrated into the hull lamination.

This innovative design ensures structural integrity while maximising sailing efficiency.

High-Performance Rudder: The rudder is engineered for high performance, featuring  a  slim  profile  for  perfect  hydrodynamic  efficiency. Inspired by the cutting-edge solutions seen in the America’s Cup, the angle of the rudder pedestal to the centre of the boat is optimised for both ergonomic comfort and optimal visibility during races.

Precision Manufacturing: The fin and keel are precision-milled with CNC machines,  adhering  meticulously  to  the  3D  geometry  specifications. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and tolerance, guaranteeing optimal performance on the water. The manufacturing process is supervised by the Nautor Swan naval architect to ensure every detail aligns with the design specifications.

Sail and Rigging Systems: The ClubSwan 43 has been meticulously designed to optimise handling and rigging systems based on years of racing experience collected by the yard.

Every detail of the sail and rigging systems has been fine-tuned to enhance performance and responsiveness, giving sailors a competitive edge.

In summary, the ClubSwan 43 is a culmination of cutting-edge design, precision engineering, and extensive racing experience. Whether you are competing in regattas or cruising offshore, the Club Swan 43 delivers unrivalled performance and agility on the water.

Moreover, the yacht has been developed as a One Design package, equipped with a standard One Design keel that can be optimised in order to compete also on ORC circuits and the OD sail plan includes a powerful square-top mainsail allowing for an agile and precise performance.

Thanks to Nautor’s expertise in this sector, which includes a professionally managed Class – the new yacht will be able to shine at the exclusive Swan One Design Circuits, such as The Nations League and the Swan One Design Worlds.

“ClubSwan 43 offers performance and style in both the exclusive Swan One Design circuit and the established worldwide rating racing events,” says Federico Michetti, Head of Sports Activities and CS43 Product Manager “this model is not limited to just a specific category but is something which goes beyond.”

Furthermore, the ClubSwan 43 features a spacious and elegantly furnished interior by Micheletti+Partners, offering adaptable accommodation for extended cruising or relaxing moments at sea. In fact, the main objective of the project was to fulfil the idea of practicality and comfort, while the two most important characteristics of this model are the creation of an open, flexible, and innovative space and the use of innovation in terms of materials, using ecological ones. The design of the interiors is made with such flexibility that the client can remove 80 percent of the interior for a race and re-install it afterwards to return to cruising comfort.

The launch of the ClubSwan 43 marks an exciting new chapter in Nautor Swan’s legacy in yacht design and manufacturing. With its combination of performance, comfort, and luxury, the yacht reaffirms Nautor Swan’s position as a leader in the industry.

The model will debut at the Rolex Swan Cup 2024 in September to celebrate the 22nd edition of this iconic and unmissable regatta competing in the Swan One Design Division.

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