Syndication in paradise

Yacht syndication comes to the Whitsundays with Yacht Share Mariner and Dream Yacht.

18 October 2021


Yacht Share Mariner and Dream Yacht Charter have teamed up in a syndication program that will offer the yacht share service under the tagline: “Share the yacht, live the dream”.

The two major players in sailing have joined forces to offer shared ownership in luxury yachts for the first time out of Airlie Beach in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands, including shares in the first Bali 4.4 in Australia.

Yacht Share Mariner belongs to the Mariner Boating Holiday group which has been operating in the international sailing holiday space for more than 30 years.

Dream Yacht is the world’s leading yacht charter company. In this joint venture, Yacht Share Mariner is offering shares in a fleet of luxury yachts which includes all servicing and maintenance at the Dream Yacht base at the Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach, in a ‘walk-on, walk-off’ service.


Yacht Share Mariner will offer eight shares in each yacht at $205,000 each, which is the price fully-landed, with freight, GST and everything included and entitles owners to six weeks of unrestricted usage each year with a dedicated online booking system.

Capital costs and running expenses are shared across all owners, with Yacht Share Mariner doing all the before and after-sailing care so that owners can walk straight on and off and maximise their sailing time.

Included in this new venture will be the opportunity to purchase shares in the first Bali 4.4 to come to Australia which is scheduled to arrive in June 2022 for the Sydney International Boat Show. Dream Yacht is the Australian distributor of this exciting new range from Catana in France.

As Trevor Joyce explains, “Syndication is rising in popularity – it’s the right time and the right product for this interest in yachting”.

“Syndication is a very attractive proposition,” says Trevor. “When you consider the average boat owner only uses their boat around 20 days per year, it’s very good value and the motivation to use your boat on the allocated days.”

The new syndication will appeal to “People with the means who might be time-poor and are looking for convenience and six weeks a year on their boat.

“It will also suit families who may be new to boating and want the ease of ‘walk on-walk off’ and a great boat to explore the Whitsundays.”

The new Bali 4.4 will be a 44-foot catamaran with all the features, based at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach and traveling to Sydney for the summer season, moored at Lavender Bay.

“This model offers space, comfort, stability, privacy and ease of usage,” states Trevor. “It’s fantastic! There are two cockpits, one forward and one aft, and the galley is central for access to both of them. There’s 85-square-metres of deck space. It will be built in an owner’s configuration with all top-of-the-line features.

“I’ve been around boats a long time and the Bali 4.4 is one of the best in terms of luxury lifestyle features.”

Trevor Joyce (Yacht Share Mariner) and Christophe Vanek (Dream Yacht Charter) invite you to a live online event on Thursday 4 November at 2pm (Sydney time).

Trevor will offer an insight into making a syndicate work. Christophe, as MD of Dream Yacht Australia and Sales Agent and importer of the Bali Catamaran Range will introduce the brand-new Bali 4.4 being offered for syndication by Yacht Share Mariner.

Christophe will talk about the logistics of Yacht Share Ownership as a ‘walk-on-walk-off’ experience in the Whitsundays.

Register here for the Yacht Share Mariner webinar.

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