Catalina new dealer

Performance Cruising Yachts has been appointed the new Australian dealer for the prestigious US brand, Catalina Yachts.

21 May 2024


Performance Cruising Yachts are has added Catalina Yachts to their collection of luxury yacht brands.

Founded by Frank Butler in 1970, Catalina Yachts has always prioritised quality and value over sheer size. Their philosophy remains unchanged: to craft exceptional boats that exceed customer expectations.

The Catalina Yachts shipyard is now solely based in Largo, Florida and produce a vast range of boats including the Sports Series, the Cruiser Series and the Ocean Series, featuring models from 12 to 54-feet.  Over the years they have received a plethora of ‘Boat of the Year’ & ‘Best New Boat’ awards across the range.


Patrick Turner, COO of Catalina Yachts said: “We are thrilled to bring on Performance Cruising Yachts to represent Catalina in Australia and look forward to strengthening the Catalina brand in that part of the world.”

What sets Catalina Yachts apart from other brands is their unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction, reflected in the industry’s highest percentage of repeat customers.

Matt Hayes, founder and CEO of PCY, said: “We are delighted to be representing Catalina Yachts in Australia. Catalina is a prestigious brand known for their quality, and we look forward to working with Catalina to grow the brand.”

Catalina is by no means a new name in Australia, with well over three hundred yachts previously sold into the country.  They are a well-known and respected brand with models spread far and wide across the country. Their range of timeless classics are renowned as being well built with unmistakable American craftsmanship.

Catalina Yachts thrive in a competitive market by actively engaging with their customers and dealers, listening attentively to their feedback.

Rather than reinventing the wheel with each new design, they blend time-tested features with innovative ideas and insights from boat owners, ensuring a consistent product line that maintains its value over time.

Explore the range

The Catalina 315’s sleek low-profile cabin design with ergonomically optimized cockpit reflects a bold emphasis on strength and functionality. Below deck the high quality fit and finish and soft plush fabrics create a very warm and welcoming ambience.

The Catalina 355’s layout begins with the cockpit, offering unparalleled comfort and ease of movement. The raised helm seat ensures optimal visibility over the coachroof, while the bench seats are angled to provide excellent back support and safety.

The Catalina 385’s moderate beam, carried well aft, creates a spacious cockpit, while modest freeboard enhances tracking and reduces windage, ensuring stability even under heavy heel conditions. The luxurious hand-finished teak interior, a hallmark of Catalina for 41 years, exudes classic warmth and styling.

The Catalina 425, winner of Cruising World’s “Boat of the Year” and SAIL Magazine’s “Best Boat” awards, combines luxury and practicality, making it the ideal choice for both cruising enthusiasts and offshore adventurers.

The Catalina 445’s hull design is optimized to provide a very gentle and predictable motion underway. The long waterline, moderate beam and freeboard ensure the 445 has excellent performance attributes.

The first Catalina is already on order, with the 425 due to arrive late 2024. The 425 incorporates all the valued hallmark Catalina features; a functional spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior and all the “5 Series” features that have redefined the Catalina brand.

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