CQS readies

Super maxi CQS is back in the water and ready for the Rolex Fastnet Race after a week of maintenance and upgrades in Gosport, on the south coast of England.

Photography by Rick Tomlinson

02 August 2017


After sailing to and from the Baltic Sea, and contesting events in Finland and Sweden, owner Ludde Ingvall said the boat needed to be thoroughly checked over before taking on the rigours of the Fastnet Race.

“That’s a gorgeous looking boat” was the comment as Ludde Ingvall and his team on CQS blasted across the finishing line off the fabled Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes on England’s Isle of Wight.

It is pretty hard to impress the regular crowd at Lendy Cowes Week, one of the most famous sailing regattas in the world, but CQS was turning heads today.

Those taking lunch on the Royal London Yacht Club balcony paused over their crab salads and chardonnay and the conversation hushed as the eye-catching boats swept into view at the end of her race, charging through the cluster of smaller boats at approaching 20 knots.


CQS is taking part in the Triple Crown trophy, a three race series within Lendy Cowes Week, as part of the team’s training and preparations for the Rolex Fastnet race, which starts from Cowes on Sunday 6th August.

Sailing with the team this week, and providing valuable local knowledge in the ever-tricky Solent waters, is local legend Harold Cudmore, who was one of Ludde’s mentors early in his professional sailing career.

“Harold was one of my heroes when I started, he always encouraged me,” said Ludde, it’s great to be able to have him on board this week.

Conditions on the Solent were sparkling today, with a fresh breeze in the 15 to 20 knot range from the south west and bright sunshine, which enabled the CQS team to stretch their legs and get the boat close her potential.

The course for the day took them west out of the Solent, past the famous Needles which mark the western end of the Isle of Wight, then back to finish off the Cowes Parade.


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