Ducky to water

Ducky catamarans are a range of inflatable sailing catamarans - quite literally a yacht in a backpack!

Photography by Ducky catamarans

23 August 2017


Their main feature is mobility. Compared to solid body catamarans, Duckys are up to two times lighter in weight and several times better in load capacity, and at the same time they are very compact when packed away.

They can be transported in any vehicle, even inside an ordinary passenger car. Original designer decisions allow them be quickly assembled and disassembled without the use of keys or other tools. Made from modern materials with the use of advanced technologies, they are a great alternative to classic sailboats.

As the pontoons are inflatable you can fit the whole catamaran into the cupboard, garage or shed. The whole boat (including the sails) all fits into a bag or two.


You just pull it out and throw it into the back of the car whenever you need to use it. No need for cumbersome trailers and towbars.

According to its Australian distributor, the Ducky is “A real catamaran that performs like a regular fibreglass model . . . with the adaptability of an inflatable unit” .

“We searched the world and when we discovered Ducky we knew that we’d found the right one. One that combines performance with the convenience of a compact pack with easily inflatable pontoons. All models are Internationally Certified. We ship the units direct from the factory.”

The Ducky range comprises the models, 13, 15, 17 and 19, along with accessories such as dry bag, pump, life jacket and oars.

Each Ducky comes with a 3-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee against any manufacturing fault.

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