Elan on top

The new Elan E6 has already won several awards this year, now potentially adding the 2022 Performance Yacht of the Year Award to its list.

10 October 2022


The Elan E6 has recently received further recognition as an outstanding design, being nominated for the 2022 Performance Yacht of the Year Award.

The British Yachting Awards 2022 nomination came only weeks after the E6 was nominated for the European Yacht of the Year in the Performance Cruiser category, which it has since won.

Since its launch in March, the E6 has already won two awards for design excellence: The International Yacht and Aviation Award in May, then later in June winning the Red Dot: Product Design 2022 Award.

The E6 is the flagship of Elan’s performance-orientated E-Line and was designed by a dream team of specialists: Humphreys Yacht Design, Pininfarina, Gurit and Elan.


Humphreys Yacht Design is focused on naval architecture. Specifically, distilling more performance on a fully fitted yacht, while keeping the dual-purpose 60+60 ethos that Elan E-Line yachts are known for.

Pininfarina did the styling of the yacht, taking the familiar design language of the Elan E-Line to a new level of aesthetics and functionality.

Elan led the project and constructed the yacht, while setting a new standard in composite engineering with the help of world’s leading composite specialists, Gurit.

The E6 is therefore one of the lightest fully fitted yachts for serious sailors who expect superior performance but intend to use it for leisure with family and friends as well.

The first Elan E6 stock model is set to arrive in Australia in March 2023.



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