Expedition opus

Adventurer and now author, Lisa Blair is preparing to circumnavigate Antarctica again in 2021, taking everything she learned from her first experience and aiming to beat the standing record.

08 June 2021


Her first attempt is recounted in Lisa’s book “Facing Fear: One woman’s solo voyage around Antarctica”.

The book is Lisa’s inspiring true story; On 25 July 2017, she became the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica.

But she very nearly didn’t live to tell the tale. 72 days into her circumnavigation, when Lisa was more than 1,000 nautical miles from land, the mast of her Hick 50, “Climate Action Now” came crashing down in a ferocious storm.

In freezing conditions, Lisa battled massive waves and gale-force winds, fighting through the night to save her boat and her life.

Following her ordeal, Lisa relied on her unbreakable spirit to beat the odds and complete her world record. With unwavering focus and determination, she sailed home, completing her journey after 183 days.


Now, as she readies for a second attempt at the record of 102 days held by Russian sailor, Fedor Konyukhov, Lisa says she’s hopeful of putting all she’s learned into practice.

“I feel that there is not a lot that I would do different the second time around. I will be adding a waterproof angle grinder to the list of equipment on-board and maybe not taking quite as much food. But all in all, I felt that my preparations were as detailed as possible and I will be continuing the same detailed preparation for Antarctica 2.0.”

Signed copies of “Facing Fear” are available here.



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