Inspire learning

SailGP Inspire has launched a virtual learning experience for New South Wales youth ahead of the upcoming Australia Sail Grand Prix presented by KPMG.

15 November 2021


The SailGP Inspire program combines the science of sailing and fitness with the leagues’ purpose-led Race For The Future initiative.

SailGP Inspire, a first-of-its-kind global youth and community sailing and career program, is used as a force for good and a tool to develop lifelong skills.

Through Inspire’s three pathway programs – Learning, Careers, and Racing – SailGP is able to build a future for youth through sustainable sport.

The Inspire Learning program aims to provide young people with a hands-on learning experience through the innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)-based elements.

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, a virtual challenge has been created to safely deliver the STEM SailGP learning experience ahead of the event in Sydney on December 17 & 18.


Over the next month, young Australians will be invited to participate in the virtual SailGP Inspire Learning Boat Building Challenge, with the objective to design and build a miniature SailGP F50 foiling catamaran, made entirely out of recycled materials that can be found at home.

Using only recyclable materials is a fundamental requirement for the Inspire challenge, demonstrating SailGP’s commitment to being a sustainable and purpose-driven sports league.

Participants will receive a design sheet and video link, explaining the basics of the challenge, and will then be required to come up with the most creative design that focuses on three key areas – speed, safety and sustainability.

Once built, participants will test their boat in water and wind. The most creative and scientifically accurate designs will win an exciting gift pack from SailGP, including an Australia SailGP Team cap signed by Olympic champion Tom Slingsby, that will arrive to the winners just in time for Christmas.

SailGP Inspire program manager Tom Herbert-Evans said: “Through SailGP Inspire we want to leave a positive legacy and build a sustainable sport – by providing equal, life-changing opportunities, education and new career pathways for all, regardless of race or socioeconomic background.

The Inspire Learning Challenge will bring science and sport together, introducing these key areas to New South Wales youth in a fun and engaging way. It is always amazing to see how much effort students put into our challenges, and we are no doubt about to discover the talents of future naval architects, engineers, boat builders and maritime professionals among the participants!”

Engagement from government bodies and local community sailing clubs adds valuable support to the Inspire program, increasing the sport’s accessibility for young people regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status.

The NSW Government has partnered with SailGP on the Inspire Boat Building Challenge.

Minister for Sport, Natalie Ward said the challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students to test their STEM knowledge while learning more about sailing.

“The SailGP Inspire Boat Building Challenge is an innovative program that will help NSW students to increase their knowledge of design and sustainability. We’re committed to increasing participation and inclusion in sport and through this program more young people will be able to develop a passion for sailing and boat design.”

The challenge will be offered to schools throughout New South Wales with support from the Office of Sport and will also be promoted in sailing clubs around the state via Australian Sailing’s network.

As part of the Inspire Learning Boat Building Challenge, competitors will also receive the ‘Train like a sailor’ program, a set of exercises that Australia SailGP Team sailors regularly perform to stay fit and healthy while travelling and competing on the world stage. These exercises are designed to be used anytime, anywhere, to provide the perfect wind-down opportunity after a mentally intensive challenge.

Australia SailGP Team driver Tom Slingsby said “To perform at the top of the sport, you need to have a thorough understanding of the science behind sailing and foiling, good knowledge of wind and the ocean and how these elements affect the boat.

“Physical and mental strength are also key components. The Inspire Learning Challenge touches on all of these elements and gives the youth an opportunity to appreciate how learning and physical training are interconnected.”

For more information on the SailGP Inspire Program and to take part in the virtual learning program visit

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