Nautor’s Swan opens its doors

The Nautor’s Swan Boatbuilding Technology Centre (BTC) yard will offer guest tours to celebrate the spring launching season.

16 May 2022


With the approach of spring, the Nautor’s Swan team is getting ready for the launching season and wishing fair winds to many happy and lucky owners sailing away.

To celebrate this important time of the year, the BTC yard is opening its doors to clients from 28 to 31 May, offering tours of the factory and the opportunity to inspect a variety of new yachts in the water.

“We welcome clients to our home throughout the year here at BTC,” says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO.

“But we felt compelled to open our yard’s doors with the opportunity for them to see over ten new Swan yachts in their delivery phase, all ready to go to sea.”

The BTC will welcome its guests with a wide range of Swans under construction and in the water.


They’ll be able to inspect every step of the boat production process, from early lamination and fit-out stages until the moment the yacht hits the water.

The team at the yard will be available to explain the different phases of construction, offering a unique insight into the key elements of Swan’s DNA: reliability, quality, performance and innovation.

It’s an opportunity for guests to celebrate the amazing job the team does every day.

More than 20 units representing the range will be accessible for the guests to view. Some are under construction and some ready to unfurl their sails, explore the ocean and build new memories for owners, families and friends.

“We work very hard to build the boats our brand is recognised for,” says Michelangelo Casadei, Nautor Group CTOO.

“We are very proud and excited to walk our guests through the exacting production processes and their continuous improvement that make a Swan one of the most revered sailing yachts in the industry.”

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