New masterpiece

ICE Yachts announces their latest creation, the ICE 66 RS, a true work of art designed by the collaboration of Micheletti & Partners and Farr Yacht Design.

25 June 2023


This extraordinary yacht showcases the perfect fusion of innovative engineering, elegant design, and unrivalled performance. Micheletti & Partners and Farr Yacht Design, renowned names in the industry, have joined forces to contribute their expertise to the ICE 66 RS.

The water lines were entrusted to the esteemed Farr Yacht Design, while the interior and exterior design bear the unmistakable signature of the revered Italian designer, Lucio Micheletti.

In the words of Ice Yachts CEO Marco Malgara: “We chose the best talents in the market.”

The concept behind ICE Yachts’ new 66-footer was to create an exceptionally elegant and high-performance yacht, drawing inspiration from the world of modern super sports cars.


The yacht features an innovative carbon glass lamination and a full carbon deck, achieved through the utilisation of the one-step infusion system. This construction method combines the rigidity of carbon with the natural vibration absorption qualities of the yacht.

Notable features also include EC6 carbon rigging and a carbon mast, truly embodying the essence of high-performance sailing.

This design approach has resulted in a compact yet sporty yacht, perfectly balancing cruising comfort with competitive sailing prowess.

The ICE 66 RS exemplifies a harmonious blend of lightweight construction, graceful lines, and exceptional design, making it an ideal choice for the any discerning market. Inside, the ICE 66 RS continues to impress with its spacious four-cabin layout and an innovative galley design.

The yacht effortlessly combines functionality and innovation, without compromising on privacy and comfort. Abundant space and natural light create an inviting atmosphere, ensuring a delightful onboard experience. Maintaining the yard’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and customization, the ICE 66 RS offers unparalleled levels of personalization to meet the unique preferences of each customer.

Currently under construction, the first two exemplars of this magnificent yacht are set to grace the Mediterranean waters by May 2024. ICE YACHTS continues to push the boundaries of yacht design, and the ICE 66 RS stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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