Reliable performance

Furlex introduces the 204E and 304E, making life on board easier and more enjoyable.

28 November 2017


This new Furlex unit will make rolling-up the genoa an easy and simple job. Furlex Electric is available as a complete kit or as an upgrade kit for an existing Furlex 200S, 300S, 204S and 304S series. The push-button function of a Furlex Electric makes pulling on the furling line a thing of the past.

Furlex Electric is designed around a highly efficient 48V electric motor. A DC/DC converter is included and converts the boat’s 12V or 24V to 48V which allows for thin cables to the motor unit, easy installation and a compact unit design. Power is transmitted to a self-locking worm gear to rotate the luff extrusion at a max torque of 60Nm (204E) and 90Nm (304E). These high torque levels mean that you can always rely on being able to furl your foresail – even when the wind and sea are doing their worst.

The motor uses only 10-25 amps at normal load and it takes 25-30 seconds to furl a genoa. When sailing with a partly reefed genoa, the worm drive provides a mechanical lock. In order to prevent accidental overloading, the system comes with a built-in current limiter adapted to the type of Furlex, 204E or 304E. If you attempt to furl the sail without  first releasing the sheet, the torque is immediately limited to a safe level. This safety feature is automatically re-set a few seconds after the control switch is released.


In the event of power failure, the sail is simple to furl manually. An emergency line-driver system is included as standard and can be used for both on-deck and through-deck installations. An emergency handle with 1⁄2” socket is available as an option.

Press one button and you will run the sail, in or out, at low speed. To double the speed, press the other button simultaneously.

Furlex Electric is available for either on-deck or through-deck installations. The main advantage of a through-deck installation is better sailing performance as a result of a longer luff length.

The 48V brushless motor connects to a gear box and a steel/bronze worm gear, transmitting the torque to the luff extrusion with a gear ratio of 122:1 (emergency furling 40:1). The motor and primary gear box are packed in oil in a hermetically sealed inner compartment and all units are pressure tested during assembly. This makes for a compact design,

a highly efficient transmission and a failsafe function. Nothing is left aside.

Push-button performance is an easy upgrade for anyone who already has a manual Furlex 200S or 300S series (production year 1997-2015) or the current models 204S or 304S on their yacht. The furling line, drum and line guard assembly are simply replaced with a Furlex Electric motor unit. No sail conversion is required as the luff length of your existing sail is unaffected.


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