Small wonders

Saffier Yachts has announced another new model, the Saffier Se 24 Lite.

12 December 2022


Although the new Saffier Se 24 Lite is the smallest daysailer in the brand’s elegance range, she has the most spectacular design and is built for fun and performance combined with safety on the water.

The new boat is a sailing yacht which relies on an electric propulsion system which is charged 24/7 by the integrated solar panels.

She is a sailing yacht which can be rigged up or down in a blink of an eye, easily transportable and can be launched off a trailer or hoisted out of the water by a single hoist lifting point.

And last but not least, the new Saffier Se 24 Lite offers the ultimate sailing experience, single handed, with family or racing at full speed. Meet the new great looking Saffier Se 24 Lite.


The Saffier Se 24 Lite combines performance and style to a sustainable daysailer. The electric powered Se 24 Lite is solar charged and always ready to go.

With the integrated solar panels the Saffier Se 24 Lite is truly self-supporting. The custom made solar panels are integrated to be one with the design of the boat, creating a clean deck layout and generating enough power to constantly charge the Torqeedo 3.5 kW battery for electric propulsion anytime, anywhere.

Ultimate speed, high performance and striking looks is what the new Saffier Se 24 Lite shows at first sight. Sailing in full control, singlehanded with all sheets close at hand and double digits on your rechargeable display.

The inverted bow of the Saffier Se 24 Lite gives the modern and sharp look. With the pointy bow she cuts through the waves like a knife which makes the boat comfortable and dry to sail.

A closer look reveals her family character: a large, uncluttered cockpit for six people with sundeck and easy access to the water. This all for the best time on the water, either comfortable with family or racing with friends.

Visit Saffier Yachts at Boot Düsseldorf from 21 to 29 of January 2023 to hear all the news about the new Se 24 Lite.

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