Smarter sailing

Smart Wind offers professional-level wind transducers for leisure sailors.

13 February 2024


Raymarine’s clever new Smart Wind™ technology delivers new levels of sailing information and intelligence to sailors of all abilities.

Thanks to Raymarine’s sophisticated new Smart Wind™ transducer, complete with integrated AHRS 3D sensor technology, the new Smart Wind™ technology delivers incredibly accurate calibrated wind speed and direction data.

Extensively wind tunnel tested, the Smart Wind™ transducer automatically delivers improved true wind accuracy, not only accounting for wave action and vessel pitch and roll but also compensating for mast twist and bend and the effects of airflow and upwash against the sails.


Smart Wind™ technology even intelligently automatically compensates for rotating

masts of the sort used on performance race yachts, catamarans and trimarans (previously only possible with a wireless mast rotation sensor and gateway).

“This type of highly accurate wind speed and direction data is normally only available to those with professional-level calibrated instruments, complicated and expensive black-box processors or cumbersome calibration tables,” says Mark Milburn, managing director of Raymarine New Zealand distributor Lusty and Blundell and a keen sailor.

“Being able to get this type of trusted, high-accuracy, true wind data simply and easily displayed on an Alpha Display or Axiom chartplotter is a real breakthrough,” he says.

“It means all sailors, regardless of their sailing ability, will be able to sail smarter, faster and more accurately.”

Raymarine’s new Smart Wind™ transducer, complete with integrated AHRS 3D sensor technology is now available through Lusty and Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers and at their three showrooms in Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga.

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