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Rapido Trimarans hosted the much-anticipated launch of the first Rapido 53XS.

01 May 2024


Rapido 53XS #01, called Picomole, set sail from Vietnam Friday 12 April at midday bound for the west coast of Malaysia on the first leg. So far, they have been averaging 10 knots and have had a top speed of 24 knots.

Paul Koch (Rapido co-founder) and Mark Waller (Director of Operations) are part of the crew on the first leg.

To view the short video, which includes footage of the launch ceremony and interior, click here.


Morrelli & Melvin have applied the latest technology in designing all three Rapido models. M&M are leaders in their field using the latest technology (such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Velocity
Prediction Program.

Previous M&M projects include the trimaran, BMW Oracle which won the America’s Cup in 2010.

Rapido Trimarans will exhibit at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, 23 to 26 May, showcasing the 2022 Multihull of the Year, Rapido 50, called Triballistic, which recently sailed from Thailand to Cairns (Australia).

Attending the Show will be Rapido co-founder, Paul Koch.

The Rapido 40 #07, Rapido’s first all-electric trimaran, was recently delivered to owners in New Zealand, complete with tender with electric outboard. Oceanvolt’s twin props delivered impressive hydro regen: 14.8 knots and 3.1 kw and up to  5kw at 16 knots.

Triac Composites is the exclusive builder of the Rapido Trimaran fleet.

In 2014, the Principals established Triac Composites, the manufacturing arm of the Hong Kong-based Rapido Trimarans. Triac Composites is an internationally owned and managed company, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

While Triac Composites’ origins are in manufacturing composite sailing boats, its future actively includes expanding the use of composites into other industries. Collectively, the Principals in the company have built more than 1,500 sailing boats over the last 30 years in three countries (Australia, US and now, Vietnam).

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