Summer sailer

A new Mediterranean daysailer, L’Eté was unveiled at Boot Dusseldorf.

Photography by Thomas Tison Yacht Design & Engineering

06 February 2023


Inspired by the French Riviera’s art-de-vivre , L’Été was designed to make it easier to access, and share, the pleasure of sailing.

The French firm Thomas Tison Yacht Design & Engineering, with extensive experience in the America’s Cup design and technology, designed the 12-metre (39-foot) daysailer.

Thomas Tison describes L’Été as “An object of pleasure that makes it easier to access and share the delights of sailing.

“L’Eté is a daysailer that can be sailed alone, fast, and the ideal yacht to enjoy life at sea with everyone. Her design focuses on organic shapes, advanced wood construction and well-crafted details.”

The name L’Été, meaning ‘the summer’ in French, perfectly embodies the philosophy of this 12-metre vessel.


The ideal weekend for an owner of L’Été: setting sail with friends on Friday afternoon, spending Saturday solo sailing to the Italian riviera, and enjoying the Sunday anchored in a little bay with family.

Summer is the perfect season for yachtsmen to fully enjoy their vessel. Sailors gather onboard with friends and family to spend quality time together, and when sailing solo, they rediscover the joy of being out on the water without a crew, fully connected to their beloved sailboat and experiencing the feeling of freedom that only sailing can bring.

L’Été has been carefully designed to be a platform for sharing emotions with guests on board and providing a pleasurable sailing experience.

Single-handed sailing

Thomas Tison has a wealth of experience in carbon fibre construction. He is currently at his fourth America’s Cup participation, collaborating now with Team INEOS Britannia.

L’Eté weighs only 3,700 kg thanks to the use of composite materials for the deck, keel, and rudder. The boat is light, fast and easy to handle.

The electric jib winches and the mainsail electric underdeck winch bring simplicity of sailing for all sailors. Replicating the choice made for Elida, the 15-metre sailboat launched in Germany in August 2022, L’Eté’s hull is made of wood.

The French studio’s new daysailer incorporates many features studied for the full custom project that led Thomas Tison’s team to test the properties of the timber in the Airbus laboratories. The lines designed by Thomas Tison offer ample space on deck and enhance the timeless elegance and prestige of the wood.

Manoeuvrable and strong, this boat has the potential for regattas, strong seas and weeklong explorations.

It could be feared that the advanced technology on board would dampen the sailing excitement, but the tiller steering system guarantees a close relation with the sea and a truly thrilling sailing experience.

The steering seats are moved away from the centre to offer maximum connection with waves while also providing a breathtaking view of the boat and its surroundings.

On board art-de-vivre

While technology allows this boat to sail without a crew, the other key feature of L’Été is to ensure on-board comfort for creating convivial moments with guests. The full width cockpit extends from the transom to the rig, making this section of the boat a welcoming place for everyone.

When anchored, the large aft sunbeds can be protected from the sun thanks to awnings inspired by the classic sailboats, transforming the daysailer into a private Mediterranean beach house.

Among the options available, there is an inflatable platform for easy access to swimming and snorkelling.

The interior layout has been redesigned to create a perfect day room for socialising, similar to the luxury beach clubs of the French Riviera. The extra wide 1.3-metre companion way provides easy access below deck, which boasts a headroom of 1.75-metres.

This comfortable space offers the possibility of shelter from the midday sun while continuing to converse with those in the cockpit.

The dayroom is equipped with air conditioning, two entertainment and navigation screens, a refrigerator for cold drinks and fresh foods, and storage areas. The gold-leaf ceiling contributes to saving weight as well as maximising the natural light. A spacious water room provides privacy and space for toiletries and clothes.

The daysailer also features a four-metre long garage dedicated to watertoys such as electric surfboards, stand up paddles, and diving equipment.

Built in Brittany, France, L’Été has a turnaround time of nine months from order.

“L’Été is a unique daysailer, for those looking for speed, timeless design and a high end quality of construction. It is a trustworthy yacht that is always ready with everything you need onboard, when you need it.”

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