Super key

Make like 007 and control your supercar, or superyacht, with your beautifully bespoke bangle, customised to suit you, of course, and programmed to open all manner of your own personal possessions - vaults, choppers or your mountain lair.

Written by Jeni Bone
Photography by Senturion Key

12 April 2017

With the tagline “One in a Billion”, the Senturion wrist band is surely the most covetable lifestyle gadget on the market.

Open your prestige automobile with your wrist-wear that doubles up as keys for any number of opulent items in your life.

The Senturion key is positioned as “the ultimate luxury lifestyle statement”, in synch with your supercar, or superyacht.

Embedded with RFID technology, it enables the wearer to use the glamorous looking bracelet as a wireless entry system capable of syncing with the locks on a home, a vault or a car.

A number of luxury automakers including Bentley, Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Audi, Jaguar, McLaren, Range Rover and Lexus have all partnered with Senturion to make this high-tech device available with their models.

Each piece is only one of seven of its kind created. Senturion also offers bespoke customisation options, including the opportunity for clients to commission their own one of a kind piece, starting at £150,000.