Take a dive

Bremont introduces the Supermarine dive watch collection.

02 May 2023


Bremont has developed its Supermarine collection to the exacting specifications required for professional divers and military personnel, having worked with the likes of the Royal Navy Clearance Divers, Special Forces Units, North Sea Deep Sea Divers and the Royal Marines.

The Bremont Supermarine divers watches are inspired by our Aviation principles. Each timepiece maintains the Bremont DNA with the Bremont Trip-Tick® case construction and beautifully finished chronometer-tested movement. The Supermarine range fulfils any professional diving requirements.

Since its launch in 2009, the Supermarine collection has gone from strength to strength. Its unique design and capabilities to withstand extreme conditions have not only been extensively tested out in the field by Bremont’s ambassadors but also numerous elite military squadrons and top dive units around the world.


Combining effortless style with exceptional design, meticulous engineering and world-class craftsmanship, Bremont dive watches can be relied upon in situations where time really does matter.

The Bremont Supermarine watch collection is water-resistant and crafted with anti-magnetic and anti-shock properties. It can withstand water depths of 2,000 metres and features a Super-lumina tail which enhances the readability for the user.

Inspired by aviation principles and named as a tribute to the iconic British aircraft manufacturer responsible for the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and of course the incredible Supermarine Spitfire, each Bremont Supermarine is built to be thoroughly robust.

The S300 line specifically nods to the Type 300, the first ever Spitfire prototype from the 1930s, from which was born one of Britain’s most iconic aircraft.

The S502 Jet was inspired by military night operations. The night is a special ops best ally, offering essential cover and security. Reliable kit can make all the difference when it comes to survival. Inspired by high-risk military night operations, Bremont presents the Supermarine S502 Jet, a robust and tactical timepiece in an anti-reflective, black DLC treatment. Available on a black rubber black leather stitched strap.

A considerable amount of design detail has been carefully incorporated into the 43mm case of the new Supermarine Chrono.

The three-piece case construction, with DLC coated middle case barrel, follows Bremont’s signature design, however the sleek case measuring a mere 15.8mm is not typical of a sports chronograph which is normally housed in something much thicker.

The Supermarine Chrono uses a chronometer rated La Joux Perret 7754 calibre chronograph movement with GMT functionality, appealing to global explorers and style seekers alike.



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