Taking shape

Nautor’s Swan has revealed a cryptic first glance of the naval architecture for the upcoming Swan 55 remake.

06 May 2021


Finnish luxury yacht constructor Nautor’s Swan has unveiled a first glimpse of its upcoming Swan 55 remake.

First designed by Sparkman & Stephens for a 1970 release, the Swan 55 represents the heritage of the Swan range and Nautor’s Swan.

Little is currently known of the upcoming Swan 55, designed by Germán Frers, with the brand releasing new details every month until its launch at Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

Earlier this week, Nautor’s Swan unveiled information and short video highlighting the naval architecture of the Swan 55.

“Yacht design and naval architecture has relied on many years on talent, creativity and hard work,” says Frers in the video.  

“This is absolutely true today, but we are being supported by a group of scientists – experts in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics – [who] are supporting us and making choices when we are doing a new project.


“The fact is today we work on hard information and we can say, without exaggerating, the new boats today are better all-around; well-suited for the use and an improvement on what has already been done in the past.” 

Nautor’s Swan expands on the architecture in a statement published on their website, describing the hull and the hull displacement, and how these facilitate a reduced resistance and increased speed.

“This new version of the Swan 55 model Line represents a new generation of hull design developed over the past couple of years with the assistance of tools available today to study the behaviour of the canoe body in all sailing conditions,” the statement reads.

Further details on deck are expected to be revealed in June, followed by interiors in July and the yacht itself in August.



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