Warm up as you dry out

The story behind the SeaRug is a classic case of ‘find a need, fill a need’.

Photography by SeaRug

05 July 2017


Back in 1970, Peter Howes was racing in the Sydney Hobart. It was a cold and wet race and while he shivered in his bunk, Peter thought, “There’s got to be a better (warmer) way”.

In 1971, Peter designed the now iconic SeaRug, a staple on the bunks on many racing yachts.

Safety orange on one side, cobalt blue on the other, the SeaRug’s unique design allows your own body heat to dry you and keep you warm.

Today, SeaRugs are 100 percent Australian owned and manufactured since 1971 by Peter and his family.


SeaRugs comprise three layers of synthetic material, each with unique properties. The blue bottom layer lets heat and moisture through, the middle layer traps body heat keeping you warm and the orange top layer ‘breathes’ to let moisture out but helps keep heat in.

​​SeaRugs work even when they are wet, requiring just a squeeze and a shake to rid excess moisture and they’re ready to use. In warmer weather, turn the SeaRug over and it acts like a sheet. The thermal properties don’t come into play when the top layer is in contact with your body.

SeaRugs are bright ‘safety orange’ and can be used to attract attention in an emergency.

Measuring 2mx 1.5 metres wide and weighing approximately 1kg, rolled up the SeaRug is 28cm x 45cm. RRP $240.




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