Women and Girls’ sailing regatta success

The 2022 inaugural Women and Girls’ sailing regatta at Humpybong Yacht Club involved female sailors of all ages and skill levels.

28 March 2022


The inaugural Women and Girls’ sailing regatta held over the weekend at Humpybong Yacht Club in Queensland. The event attracted an enthusiastic group of keen female sailors for a hotly contested race series.

Humpybong Yacht Club spokeswoman Kate Slade said they were pleased with the attendances for the inaugural event.

“The responses by competitors during and after the event give us great confidence that the racing and social activities will attract more and more women and girl sailors from all age groups as it becomes better known throughout the sailing community,” said Slade.

“Sadly, the weather gods were not with us and racing on Saturday was abandoned after two races as winds and seas deteriorated.”

Sunday began with rising winds, which eventually eased to around 10 to 15 knots by mid-morning. Thanks to the clearing weather conditions, three highly competitive and tactical races carried on.


“The enthusiasm and keen racing by competitors from Brisbane to the Tweed and Southport showed that increasing number of female sailors are very keen to progress their sailing skills, experience and race tactics,” said Slade.

“We had junior sailors in Opti’s ranging up to teenagers, and adults in Lasers, Sharpies and other classes coping and adapting to a wide range of weather conditions.

“We hope that the regatta will become a key event for women and girls from all experience levels to get involved in competitive sailing.”

The regatta is held to encourage female sailors from all age ranges and abilities, with a junior division, to get involved in sails racing. The Women and Girls’ sailing regatta provides the opportunity for women and girls to come together and improve their skills.

The event is open to all off-the-beach classes, including a wide range of dinghy and catamaran classes with competitors invited from the Southeast and northern NSW.



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