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Befoil 16 is a simple and accessible foiling catamaran designed by VPLP especially for sailing schools and beginners.

Befoil (by Magnard Innovation) has just launched Befoil 16 – a double- handed foiling catamaran for sailing schools. Designed by VPLP and built by various French suppliers, Befoil 16 is a perfect boat to start foiling – it’s stable, simple to manoeuvre and safe. Moreover, it is made of low-cost recyclable materials such as aluminium and thermoplastic allowing us to keep a competitive price.

Befoil 16 is a hybrid boat: when there is little wind, you can switch your foils with standard safrans and go sailing. There is no more need for a sailing schools to buy double fleet. Befoil 16 is two in one – a classical sailing and a foiler.

Benjamin Magnard (founder of Befoil): “So many people dream of flying over the water, but so few could, until now. Our goal is to make everyone feel these incredible sensations – like flying on a magic carpet – by equipping maximum of sailing schools with our boats.”

Befoil 16 will be available for tests in Lorient and Marseille, France, starting from mid-July. First deliveries are planned for December 2018.


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