• 23 Apr, 2024

    Upholding Tradition

    A treasured family heirloom, Tradition, is being restored in Tasmania with plans for it to do...

  • 25 Aug, 2023

    Dreamtime awakened

    The German Frers-designed Dreamtime has been expertly restored and will soon be racing again.

  • 08 Aug, 2023

    Undine revived

    An iconic Derwent Class yacht called “Undine” is undergoing restoration in the hands of the...

  • 24 Jul, 2023

    Infiniti and beyond

    McConaghy has been appointed the exclusive build partner for the next...

  • 25 Jul, 2022

    Refit revival

    Former charter yacht, Hwylio has departed Rivergate Marina & Shipyard after a 12-week refit...

  • 15 Feb, 2022

    Icon repowered

    Sydneysider ready for another 50 years of maritime joy with John Deere repower.

  • 01 Jul, 2020

    Legendary return

    Younique Yachts is giving classic vessels a new lease on life thanks to their Legends Reborn...