Fierce Tigers

The Paper Tiger Catamaran 52nd Australian Championships were a show of fierce competition and camaraderie.

Photography by Lori Clements

17 January 2023


The Paper Tigers National Championships, held over five days at Southport Yacht Club in Hollywell, was a spectacular display of sailing talent and sportsmanship.

The event featured fierce competition between sailors from all over Australia, all vying for the title of National Champion in the Paper Tiger class of catamarans.

The Paper Tiger is a popular racing class known for its low-cost, ease of construction, and ease of sailing, making it accessible for sailors of all ages and skill levels.

The races took place offshore in the ocean near Main Beach Gold Coast, the sailors were put to the test as they navigated the challenging course set by the event organisers, where the waves and winds were strong.


Spectators were treated to an exciting display of skill and precision as the sailors expertly manoeuvred their boats around the buoys, “setting their sails to catch every breath of wind.”

As the races progressed, the competition became increasingly intense, with sailors pushing their boats and themselves to the limit in an effort to secure a spot on the podium.

The strong winds and waves made it an extra challenging event, but the sailors were able to handle the conditions with experience and skill. In the end, two boats stood out as the top competitors, GON WILD and FLYN BRYN.

Both boats sailed an impressive race and the crews should be commended for their hard work and dedication. However, one of them managed to edge out the other in the end to take the title of National Champion in their respective categories.

Southport Yacht Club commends everyone on giving their all to such a great event.

Regatta Results Link

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