Grand Soleil double

Cantiere del Pardo will host the debut of two new Grand Soleil models at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 in September.

18 July 2023


At the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, Cantiere del Pardo will showcase two new sailing models from Grand Soleil for their world debut: the Grand Soleil 65 and the Grand Soleil 72, both in the Long Cruise version.

After the success of the GS72 Performance in 2022, Grand Soleil continues its growth path in the over 60-feet segment, managed by Franco Corazza in collaboration with Matteo Polli, Marco Lostuzzi and the Milanese studio Nauta Design.


Grand Soleil 72 Long Cruise is a project designed for owners who appreciate a made-to-measure approach and who love to live their adventures in comfort, safety and autonomy, while being highly considerate of the marine environment.


The distinguishing feature of the new Grand Soleil 72 Long Cruise is its deckhouse, which is characterised by a large 270° window that has been shortened, raised and widened compared to the Performance version.

In the cockpit, the companionway and the ladder have been moved to the side to obtain a “C” shaped seat and a straight seat, maintaining the two large sundecks at the stern, which also feature in the Performance version. In the Long Cruise version, the entire dinette is raised, allowing you to enjoy the view of the external landscape both in a sitting and standing position.

The layout of the interiors, according to the usual and appreciated touch of Nauta Design, relates perfectly with the geometries of the deck.

Nauta conceived, designed and refined every volume and detail of the deck and interiors to use all available spaces, thus obtaining a coherent and holistic relationship between them.

The dimensions, ergonomics, stowage, functions and quality of all the accessories guarantee superyacht standards. The design and the various material palettes create a sober, fresh, elegant and welcoming style in the interiors.


Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise represents the perfect synthesis of performance, style and innovation. The extensive manufacturing expertise of the shipyard and innovative solutions increasingly attentive towards sustainability and energy efficiency are the hallmarks of this new model.

Grand Soleil 65, like any other yacht by Cantiere del Pardo, is designed to respect the marine environment in which it sails. The materials and construction methods implied yield low environmental impact and a high degree of recyclability: the teak, for example, derives from a sustainable supply chain, the glass is laminated for better insulation, the composite lamination uses linen and eco resins, the paints are water-based and solar panels provide renewable green energy.

The Grand Soleil 65LC version offers more cruising characteristics than the Performance version, while maintaining a fast and performance-optimised hull. The overall design and the material palettes give off a cool Italian vibe with interior styling that is welcoming, contemporary and elegant.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 runs 12 to 17 September.

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