Performing beauty

Capable in both racing performance and cruising comfort, Elan Yacht's new 47-footer is a sight to behold.

13 September 2021


Elan Yacht’s highly-anticipated new model  is the 47-foot  Elan E6.

The new yacht’s creation is the product of collaboration among Pininfarina, the legendary design studio from Turin, along with nautical architecture studio Humphreys Yacht Design and composite specialists, Gurit.

The yacht is the largest addition to Elan’s performance range,

Elan E line is on the performance side of Elan’s range. The yachts were among the first in the industry to introduce off-shore short-handed racing features into the cruising segment.

Characterised by the active chine design, twin rudders and T-shaped keels, these performance cruisers are the go-to choice for serious sailors who also expect high levels of comfort and cruising amenities for their friends and family.


The E6 is the latest iteration of this ethos, taking all elements of this complicated dance to the next level. It is a fusion of Italian aesthetics, exceptional nautical architecture, and high-tech composite technology.

“The E6 challenged our capabilities and pushed the boundaries in terms of technology and design, however, in concept and spirit, this yacht represents more of a return to our roots,” explained Marko Škrbin, director of Elan’s nautical division.

 Pininfarina is the reason behind the E6’s head-turning looks. It is, after all, the design powerhouse studio that designed some of Ferrari’s most iconic cars – and more than 600 projects in industrial and transportation design, winning more than 50 awards in the last ten years.

They are no strangers to the nautical world either, as they are responsible for the Wally 101, Persico F70 and Tango Wallycento yachts, among others. For Elan Yachts, Pininfarina focused on reinterpreting the E Line’s recognisable looks in their own legendary style and nautical tradition. They gave the E6 a strong sportive connotation, using a few fluid lines to give it a unique character.

“The result is a sailboat with pure shapes and a modern style projected towards the future, which is the direction performance lovers must always look at.” Explains Daniele Mazzon, Pininfarina’s Chief Transportation Designer.

Behind its beautiful façade, the E6 is intended to be the fastest, lightest and stiffest 47-foot fitted production performance cruisers on the market with a fully fitted interior. A significant contributor to this is the famed naval architecture of Humphreys Yacht Design, as they developed a brand new hull to fit the needs of the E6.

Different hull form candidates have gone through extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modelling and analysis to gauge which would perform the best for the E6 needs. Results were assessed and compared through the VPP (velocity prediction programs) to fine-tune the hull.

Elan’s E- Line yachts are renowned for their excellent performance in a fresh breeze, especially downwind. Still, the results of this new-generation hull are also expected to be quick in light air due to its notably high sail area to displacement ratio.

At the same time, the hulls versatility covers a range of displacements to also cater to people requiring greater load-carrying capabilities.

Elan was one of the first shipyards to introduce vacuum-assisted infusion lamination technology to the world of sailing yachts and had continuously led the charge in this area. However, for this project, Elan’s internal composite specialists challenged their know-how and pushed it to the next level by cooperating with composite industry leaders, Gurit.

Their structural engineering expertise gave the Elan team confidence to push the laminate plan further. The E6 utilises the 3D VAIL process (an advanced version of vacuum infusion lamination), enabling significant weight gains on the composite parts and considerable improvements of the hull’s mechanical properties.

‘The laminate plan and geometry have been pushed a lot further,’ Rajapakse says.

‘In plain terms, Gurit’s know-how and calculations have given us confidence and courage to push things further. They analyse every nook and cranny to calculate what we should reinforce, what we can remove, where we can shift focus,’ says Elan’s Marketing Manager, David Rajapakse

The yacht has been designed to be easily sailed by an experienced couple, and the E6 is meant to be sailed with a good crew.

Three pairs of Harken winches, ideally positioned for precision trimming and fast, unobstructed movements, result from a 1:1 scale model in-house testing with a former Olympic sailing team. For more cruising minded sailors, optional storage boxes with a grill, sink and refrigerator are available, as well as two sizes of bathing platforms.

Designed for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality by Pininfarina, the enticing and practical interior invites perfect living at sea. The creative form is brought alive by the natural oak veneered interior and enriched with a solid wood finish.

Elan also provides an option of performance Okoume furniture that keeps the weight down while not hindering the boat’s luxurious look and feel. The E6 also comes with a fully equipped galley with a front-opening fridge and an optional microwave or coffee machine that will provide home comfort.

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