Sweet spot

Elan Yacht’s upcoming model, the Elan GT6, lands at that perfect point between speed, power, function and style.

22 February 2021


There are plenty of truths about the Elan GT6 – the brand’s next-generation 15.2-metre Grand Tourer – that will pique interest.

It’s a collaboration between Elan Yachts, Humphreys Yacht Design and Studio FA Porsche, and the first time Studio FA Porsche has been so deeply involved in the design of a sailing yacht. There’s also its stylish, Gran Turismo-inspired design, and how the vessel is compromised of premium materials throughout its entire composition.

But it’s the balance between speed and power, without compromising handling, that defines its quality of design. A feature accomplished by the flagship’s choice of a Volvo Penta 60 engine.

The high-performance hull and sail plan, developed by Humphreys Yacht Design, complement this reality – allowing the Elan GT6 to be specifically optimised for shorthanded, medium-range cruising on all points of sail and across any wind or sea condition.


Aesthetically, the Elan GT6 continues this notion of balance, finding a place between elegance and practicality. Its unique styling, accomplished by Studio FA Porsche, creates a distinctive silhouette defined by sharp lines and elaborate curves.

The cockpit follows this motif, finding that intersection between ergonomics and innovative design to create something new and luxurious.

Studio FA Porsche’s priority of balance is seen below deck with a contemporary but pragmatic living space.

The sleek panoramic deck saloon allows for a 180-degree view while its inverted layout makes use of all the potential space within the broad-beamed hull.  

The galley is forward and directly above the keel – the point where the yacht’s motion at sea is most comfortable with minimal heeling, pitching and rolling. This in turn has freed up space further aft to allow for a huge full-beam saloon.

Each cabin has big through-hull windows, while the owner’s suite also features a king-size island double bed, making the best use of the forepeak.

A stock model of the Elan GT6 will be available from Performance Cruising Yachts in May this year.

Founded in 1949, Elan Yachts is a Slovenia-based premium yacht and boat builder.



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