Y On Watch, on watch

YYachts unveils complete integration with smartphones and smart watches for remote control and monitoring of its yachts.

17 August 2021


As we barrel headlong toward smart homes with increasing integration of smart technology, the Internet of Things, and remote access via our smart devices, it’s hard not to wonder if your fridge and your washing machine are having conversations behind your back.

If they are, it’s quite likely they will be talking about heading down to the boat for the weekend, because German brand YYachts has launched Y On Watch – a monitoring and control system for its models that allows owners an extraordinary degree of remote control over their YYacht.

Designed for use on smart watches and smartphones, Y On Watch links with all the devices and systems on board, meaning you can turn on the lights and aircon on your way to the boat and also check your wine will be suitably chilled on arrival.

Furthermore, the system links with YYachts’ AI cloud technology for analysis, and can tell you if the boat has, for example, moved, been hit, lost shorepower, or is being stolen, all in real time through push notifications and alarms on your smart device.


It’s all the brainchild of YYachts founder Michael Schmidt, who set up YYachts in 2016 to build his ideal boat when he realised that ideal boat didn’t exist on the new-build or brokerage markets. Since then, the YYachts range has grown to three models – the Y7, Y8 and Y9 at 70-, 80- and 90-feet respectively – as well as taking on custom projects between 20 metres and 35 metres. YYachts are all built in carbon, and technology combined with simplicity has always been at the heart of the brand.

Y On Watch combines NMEA 2000 and CZone with YYachts’ hardware to give 360-degree integrated systems. In addition to remote control and remote monitoring, the system also keeps track of all scheduled maintenance and reports on all maintenance completed by YYachts technicians. Further, it serves as a digital log, activating automatically on departing harbour and recording speed, mileage, position and more in real time.

“Since the founding of YYachts,” says Schmidt, “we have had a strong focus on the digitisation of the yard. With Y On Watch, we are once again fulfilling this ambition and offering our customers a very advanced tool.”

Adds Dirk Zademack, Managing Partner of YYachts: “This system is synonymous with fun, comfort and safety on board. Our hardware and software devices work intelligently together to provide 360-degree monitoring with many great services for YYachts owners.”



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